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Kockens Vaniljstång 3 g

by Kockens
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The vanilla, which belongs to the orchid family, is a 10-15 meter long clinging herb. Vanilla pods are the fruit capsules from this plant. The fruit capsules can be between 10-25 cm long and 0.8-1.5 cm in diameter. The fresh capsules have very little taste. The flavors are released through a process where the capsules are dried and given their black color and vanilla flavor. The whole process can take up to five months and because of that vanilla is one of our most expensive spices. When using the vanilla bean, you usuy make a notch in the length to get the sm black seeds that are inside the bean. This is where most of the taste is found. You can also, after making a notch, let it boil in what you are cooking and then remove it. Vanilla bean is used in vanilla ice cream, crème brulée, vanilla sauce and in other pastries.