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Kockens Svartpeppar Grovmalen 41 g

by Kockens
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The true pepper, Piper nigrum, belongs to the species-rich family of pepper plants, Piperaceae. From this plant come black, white and green peppers. Pepper is a perennial, about 10 m long climbing plant. The flowers are sm, white to green and the fruit is a monocotyledonous stone fruit. At harvest, the entire fruit stands are picked by hand. This happens six to eight times per season at intervals of about two weeks. Black pepper is obtained by picking the green and unripe fruits. They are then owed to ferment and then dried in the sun and then turn brownish black. Black pepper can be used both whole and ground. It gives the very best taste if you grind it yourself in a pepper mill. Black pepper is one of the most common spices in European cooking and is well suited for kinds of cooking and as a table spice. If it only says "pepper" in a recipe, it is either black or white pepper or a mixture that is meant.