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Kockens Ingefära Malen 31 g

by Kockens
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Ginger is a meter-high perennial and belongs to the spice lily family. It has a strong earth stem and one to one and a half meter high shoots with two-sided leaves. The flowers are yellow and purple. The spice comes from the soil stems that are sun-dried. They are hard and highly aromatic. Dried ginger, however, loses its sharp taste and only retains its aroma. Ginger is used fresh or dried and goes well with both sweet and non-sweet dishes. It is also used in many liqueurs, confectionery, jams and in beverages such as Ginger ale. Ginger is also an important ingredient in many spice blends, including curry. Use ginger for meat and oriental dishes, but also for pastries, desserts and gingerbread.