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Kockens Chilipeppar 40 g

by Kockens
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Size: 1 Pack
Kockens Citronpeppar is a collective name for species within the genus Capsicum. This genus includes peppers, bell peppers, habanero and tabasco. The chili fruits are used in cooking whole or in parts, fresh, dried or smoked. The strength of the chili fruits is measured in so-ced scoville units, which indicates the amount of capsaicin, the chemical that makes up the strength. A mild chili variety can range from 100-500 scoville, medium-strength varieties between 1000-5000 scoville and rey hot up to 570,000 scoville. Chili pepper = about 1000 scoville. Chili peppers heat up in marinades, barbecue sauces, rice and pasta dishes, fried potatoes and meat stews such as chili con carne.